Monday, August 05, 2002

Will the Real Joe Lieberman Please Stand Up-Lieberman basically dissed the 2000 campaign yesterday
My concern about the so-called "people versus the powerful theme" in 2000 was that is was too subject to misunderstanding and not representative either of the extraordinary prosperity that had occurred under Clinton and Gore, which grew the middle class and 22 million jobs created by business, and also not expressive of the fiscally responsible pro-growth, grow-the-middle- class campaign we were running.
If Gore had really run on that platform, he'd be president now. However, a truly pro-growth Democrat won't get out of a primary alive, for the liberal special interests will translate pro-growth as pro-business and translate pro-business as anti-worker. Paul Tsongas was the last guy to give a liberal pro-growth message a go in a Democratic presidential primary, and he was fully flamed by liberals for it. The DLC-on-the-rocks Joe Lieberman would have a shot of beating Dubya in 2004. However, he had to add a liberal chaser when he got the VP nod in 2000. If he can get a undoctored DLC pro-growth package out of a primary (good luck, Huck) and couple it with his non-evangelical moralism that appeals to swing voters, he would be tough to beat. He'll also have to preach that message long enough for the pundits who remember his 2000 flip-flops to forgive and forget.

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