Thursday, August 08, 2002

A thoughtful rant from Andrea Harris on abortion and adoption. I apprecated this paragraph
I am not sure that a pregnancy where the father of the baby is willing to support the child falls under the criteria of one that should be ended. I am not sure that a middle or upper class girl or woman, who can afford to take off a few years from that wonderful career she had all planned -- and heck, who now has all sorts of help offered to her from junior high school on up -- should be considered a proper candidate for abortion unless she meets a rather more restricted set of criteria than is currently demanded of her. (That is: all she has to say is she doesn't want to have a baby.) I am not sure what these criteria should be. Health considerations, definitely, but beyond that I don't know. I am also not sure that any of this should be legislated by law. I am not advocating going back to the pre-Roe days of frantic calendar-counting and rusty coat hangers dipped in a bowl of bourbon. But it takes two to make a baby and if the "sperm donor" actually wants to do the right thing -- an even offers to relieve her of the twenty-plus year burden of raising the infant -- and the pregnant girl is in decent health and is mentally stable, I don't see why nine months are too much to deal with.
If I'm reading it correctly, this is the mind of a 50th percentile voter on the abortion issue, plus-or-minus 5%; the attitude of the swing voter. For us anti-abortion folks, it's this lady and her cohort we need to be dealing with as we strive to get a majority on the issue.

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