Friday, August 09, 2002

TGIF-Eileen's crashed early this evening due to a hectic first week of teaching middle school, which went well. However, both of us are glad it's Friday. I had a truckload of TGIF-related things running through my head tonight, including Pep's line in the Dragnet movie, "Thank God! If's Friday!" and the very lame discoplotation movie. The latter movie actually won an Oscar, IIRC; Best Song for Last Dance. Brother-in-law Uli's back on the Hooters golf tour; he's having more trouble making a cut than a tailor with Parkinson's. Shooting an 81 on Thursday doesn't help, although a par round today shows promice for the future. The tour heads this way in three weeks, stoping on the west side of Tampa in Brandon.

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