Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Sports Musings-Maybe I didn't get much sleep and am a bit nervous leading up to my Personal Finance class at 10, but this ESPN headline got me simmering
Davis says a 'miracle' could bring him back
It's clear from the sentence that it is Terrell Davis talking; the quote mark is meant to distance the writer from the statement. It's an unnamed AP piece, so you don't have a person to send flamage to. Either the AP writer thinks that the comeback is medically feasible and wouldn't be miraculous or that miracles don't happen. Portland's giving Shawn Kemp $10 million to not play for them, buying out $41m worth of contract. Hey, I'll be happy to not play for the Blazers for, oh, a million-five. With Kemp's substance abuse problems, $10m up front might be the safer play.

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