Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Sports Musings-I'm still thinking about this one: Mutumbo for Van Horn and MacCulloch. This could be the mythical trade than helps both teams. New Jersey gets a center and clears playing time for Richard Jefferson at the three spot while Philly gets a scorer to go along with Iverson. I think this will help the Nets more in the short term, as they get a legit center to bang with Shaq if they get to the finals. However, Mutumbo's 36, and the classic sports cliche is that it's better to trade someone a year too soon than a year too late. The Sixers will like this trade when we start to see some erosion of Mt. Mutumbo. [Update 8:30 PM- The trade leaves the Sixers a doughnut team-nothing in the middle. However, that describes at least half the teams in the league that lack a legit center.]

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