Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Skate Ministry- Saw this piece via Christianity Today's newsblog-a Baptist church in East Tawas, Michigan, is looking to put in a skatepark on its property, but is bumping up against zoning laws. That is a surprisingly good ministry, since young, energetic skaters aren't typically the type to be in traditional youth groups. We had a guy from Hungary who was a professional skater who had a skating ministry, teaching and ministering to the young skaters in Midland. Steve was able to reach people that our youth minister wouldn't have a good way to reach. This has gotten to Luis Palau's people, for they included a big skatepark in his Seattle crusade I hope they setting the zoning stuff so that they can get the park up and running for next summer. The Tawas area is a tourist destination on Lake Huron (my grandparents had a cottage on Tawas Point north of town) and that would be a way of ministering to kids whose parents are summering there.

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