Thursday, August 22, 2002

Simply Irresistible-Being an equal opportunity annoyer, Holtsberry's spent last night working on a laundry list of extra-Biblical Catholic doctrines and taken on Calvinist doctrine. I'm largely in agreement with Kevin's Catholic list, but I'm going to poke a few holes at his Calvinism piece. I'm not yet sure I would call myself a Calvinist, but I have a hard time arguing against the five TULIP points. Let me try to take a whack at this, looking at Kevin's critique. He has problems with Limited Atonement and Irresistible Grace. Let me start with our friend called Grace, working on the Limited Atonement later today. I'll start with the idea that some people aren't going to Heaven and will not be saved. The alternative to that is Universalism, that all dogs go to heaven. If that's the case, then why all the talk about Hell? We're left with the idea, as unpalatable and un-PC as it sounds, of some people heading to Hades. God sees the universe in four dimensions in full, seeing the totality of the space-time continuum at once. He knows how everything will happen and if He doesn't like it, He will change it. If He wants someone to be saved, He vill find vays to soften that person's heart. God needs to do some work on us to bring us to Him, as Kevin agrees. However, some people don't come to the LORD. Is that because God didn't try hard enough or because God didn't bother to try? Remember, we're not buying the Open Theism argument that God doesn't really know the future, either. An omniscient and omnipotent God will not likely be giving a half-hearted effort to save someone. If God wants you, you're HIS. I'm picturing one of those Sci-Fi tractor beams, where the captured ship will make a futile effort to escape but be sucked in by the mothership. A tough case that God wants may try to rebel, like Jonah, but God will eventually reel you in. If God wants you, you will be assimilated into the Kingdom of God; resistance is futile. Thus, I find Resistible Grace hard to swallow, and then fall back to the alternative version, the RCMP God who always gets his man. This must mean that the people He doesn't get he wasn't trying to get. It's a hard theology, for some people are being helped into Heaven and some aren't, and our natural response is to feel pity for the once that God won't/isn't helping. However, it fits the idea of a omniscient and omnipotent God better than the alternative.

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