Thursday, August 08, 2002

Puff Piece Alert-The NYT (thanks to The Note for the link) has a long piece on Michigan AG Jennifer Granholm, who did suprisingly well in winning the Democratic primary for Governor Tuesday. I gagged at the last paragraph
"It's her race to lose," said Bill Ballenger, editor of the newsletter Inside Michigan Politics. "There is almost a sense of exhaustion in the state now: after 12 years of John Engler, give us something new and fresh and likable and not as conservative and not as tough and not as mean. She is the perfect un-Engler. Blond, trim, articulate, intelligent. Who could ask for more?"
How about someone who has a clue about running a state goverment? She had an easy campaign against an inept and scandal-laden opponant for AG four years ago and was able to use the bully pulpit of consumer-activism to get name ID statewide. Dick Posthumus had a relatively free ride in the GOP primary, dispatching RINO John Schwarz, and has yet to spend a lot of his money or get much exposure. The race will tighten. Posthumus is a bit bland, but I don't think Granholm will hold up to a all-out barrage of media and negative ads as well as her fans think she will.

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