Monday, August 05, 2002

Primary Colors-Kansas, Missouri and Michigan are having primaries tomorrow; I just missed out on being able to vote absentee in Michigan before moving to Florida. Fox has a piece on a GOP head-knocker between John Linder and Bob Barr, with Barr having the edge. Barr has that edge by being such an out-front partisan, beating the Christmas rush and calling for Clinton's impeachment back when Monica was just a character on Friends. The Georgia Senate primary has a bit of heat, as congressman Saxby Chambliss is fighting off state rep Bob Irvin for the right to play wheelchair basketball with Max Cleland this fall. Saxby Chambliss sounds like the name of the church deacon/grain elevator owner in a small-town Southern novel. Up in Michigan, the two races to watch are the Democratic gubernatorial primary between AG Jennifer Granholm and former Governor James Blanchard and the Democratic congressional primary between John Dingel and Lynn Rivers, two incumbents slapped together into the same district to the south/southwest of Detroit. Another Double-Dem primary was avoided when Jim Barcia opted to run for the state senate rather than go mano-a-mano with Dale Kildee when the gerrymanders merged Barcia's Bay City-Saginaw district with Kildee's Flint district. It was interesting that a pair of junk mails direct mailings from a state Senate candidate named Allen Lowe followed me down here to Winter Haven. The guy's running for a open Republican seat as a Christian conservative, going up against generic conservative Tony Stamas, Midland's current state rep, in the GOP primary. My mom knows the Stamases, for his family owns the Pizza Sam's eatery downtown, kitty-corner from the flower shop my mom's worked at for a quarter-century. This is a classic case of term limits gone wrong. Former congressman Bill Schutte is the current state Senator, but is term-limited and is running for a judicial spot, thus starting the game of musical chairs. Thankfully, a copy of my birth certificate came in the mail today, allowing me to get my driver's license and register to vote just in time to be eligible for Florida's primary September 10th. That looks like Super Tuesday for primary junkies, as nine states, including New York, Minnesota, go to the polls that day. {Update 11:21PM I had mistakenly had Georgia voting tomorrow in my initial post-the primary's two weeks from tomorrow]

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