Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Post-Christian Europe but not America-I'm behind a day in responding to this, but there is some food for thought in a Ted Esler post from Monday
Yet another report on the demise of Christianity in Europe. The article talks about Europe as "post Christian." One of the fascinating things about this phenomena is that it is not being replicated in the United States. Why not? What makes the US population so resistant to the paganism of Europe? US Christianity is shallow but oh, so wide.
I beg to differ on the shallowness. There are significant evangelical pockets in the US that keep the country from turning to the amoral statist policies of Europe. That part of the body politic is nowhere near a majority, but it informs the rest of the public on what the moral principals should be, even if they are ignored. There is a broad civil religion that informs the political sphere and a plurality of people of faith (evangelicals, Catholics, conservative mainliners, faithful Jews, Mormons, etc.) that keeps politics from moving too far to the left morally. Some of this bloc can be bought off by the left from time to time and we might not have a pure majority on all issues, but I think that the plurality of the faithful keeps our politics and our culture from drifting too far to the left.

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