Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Pencil, not Pen-This is a nice piece on new Vikings coach Mike Tice. It looks like bad news for Bucs and Lions fans, for the Vikes seem to have a keeper. The article descrbes the former tight end as being feisty but forgiving.
The picture of Tice in practices remains consistent. He's the only NFL coach who has a No. 2 pencil resting on his right ear. Often, he'll take the pencil and jot down an observation. This is a society that went from pencils to pens. Just call Tice old school. "I use a pencil because you can erase instead of crossing something out," Tice said. "Anybody who knows me knows that I'm meticulous to the point of being anal. I don't like chaos. I don't like things in disarray. What drives me crazy is when people don't pay attention to detail. I'm old school because of my upbringing in New York and my dad being a blue-collar guy. You fashion yourself as old school, but so much of it is caring for the people who work for me or I work with. I try to get inside their minds and what they think, so I can adjust and make it better." Hence the need for an eraser.
One of the things Pastor Milton mentioned in our pre-maritial counceling is to be able to erase the chalkboard of wrongs, to be able to start with a clean slate on a daily basis with your spouse. To borrow Tice's phrase, you can erace the tresspasses rather than cross them out. When we use pen in our mental account of other people's sins, we may forgive but not fully, since the record is still there. 1 Corinthians 13:5 states that love "does not take into account a wrong suffered." Be like Mike, use a pencil.

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