Monday, August 19, 2002

Open Primaries are Fun, because you can raid the other guy's primary if you don't have anything interesting going on in yours. I can remember raiding the 1980 Michigan Republican primary back when I was a card-carrying Democrat (yes, sins of my youth), voting for Bush 41 over Reagan, since the Democratic vote was a non-binding "beauty contest". Two decades later, similar folks gave John McCain a win in the Michigan primary over Dubya. Georgia's primary's tomorrow, and there aren't too many interesting races on the Republican side. Thus, the 4th congressional district is expected to see a big cross-over vote against Cynthia McKinney, backing former state judge Denise Majette. McKinney is one of the most obnoxiously liberal members of congress and has been Dubya's harshest critic over 9/11. McKinney also has a surprisingly large number of Muslim contributors, adding to Republican dislike over her trashing of the president. She may be a lame duck by this time tomorrow.

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