Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Morning News Roundup Georgia Primary-It was 58-42 Denise Majette, giving McKinney the door. John Linder got past Bob Barr more easily that I thought, 66-34. A good sign in the state-wide races, where congressman Saxby Chambliss cruised to the GOP senate nomination and Sonny Perdue got 51%, getting the GOP governor nod and avoiding a run-off. All in all, a good day for my northern neighbor (ooh, did I say northern neighbor?) Abu Nidal fallout-Looks like some Iraqi agents went to his house and Nidal came out feet-first; whether this was an encouraged suicide or Iraqi-enduced lead poisoning we may never know. This doesn't look good for a lot of people. It makes both the radical Palestinians and the Iraqis look bad. Half of Zimbabwe is in famine conditions. We saw this one coming, but short of an invasion, couldn't do much about it. There wasn't as much opposition to Mugabe's stolen election as I had hoped; now we may have to have millions die before we move in. MultiCulti Alert-Interesting piece on British Hindus sanctifying the River Aire as an ashes-dumping spot, so they don't have to fly back to India to do things right. Looks like they're making themselves at home. West Palm Beach is at it again, with another voting machine controversy. Makes me have butterfly ballots in my stomach.

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