Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Morning Musings-Two new permalinks to Stuart Buck and Brink Lindsey. Buck shores up an already deep Blog Bar Association (Reynolds, Sulik, Schranck, and soon to be Allison-Gallimore who's joining the paper chase this term) while Lindsey had me having flashbacks of my doctoral comprehensive exam with his essay on agency costs. I might chime in a bit later on that one. Praise report-the blogspot archives are back (for now). That means I can point to this piece of mine from April on "gay genes" as a tack-on to Claybourn's recent piece and link to Buck's essay on long-term political dynamics. The priestly troubles head Down Under, as Australian archbishop is accused of sexual misdeeds as a young priest. Not sure what to think. How solid are fourty-year-old memories? We've seen a lot of funky things come out of people memories; some of them aren't true. How would you refute such a charge; it's hard to verify as well. Now I have to work on my imitation of Mindy's "Love you, Lady, Bye-Bye", for I have to go to campus to do my silly bye.

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