Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Midday Musings-Is it just me, or has the media been obsessing on a lot of "small" stories as of late. A kidnapping or a seperation of Siamese twins gets front page coverage; even the president has been sucked into the kidnapping story. Someone (I think it was a blogger, but Google came up empty) made the connection that kidnapping is the story of Summer 2002 while shark attacks was the story of Summer 2001. There weren't more shark attacks last summer and there aren't more kidnappings this summer, but that the metastory the media has flocked to this summer. Bobby Allison-Gallimore's doin' the College Football thang, giving his Big 12 a once-over. He has Colorado winning the North, with the South to be posted later. Colorado plays at Nebraska and at Oklahoma, while the Huskers get their two toughest conference games, Colorado and Texas, in Lincoln. Sorry, Bobby, as much as I prefer the Buffs, advantage Nebraska.

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