Monday, August 19, 2002

Martha Stewart Giving?-This is Drudge (via the Corner), so give it an 80% for authenticity, but Martha Stewart thinks the GOP has it in for her due to her Democratic donations (that part's new to me), casting herself as the Susan McDougal of the 21st century. Methinks she doth protest too much. If anything, it's liberals who don't like Martha for her raising homemaking to a art-form. If you're the least bit avant-garde or progressive, it's almost mandatory that you hate her, or at least look down your nose at her, for she epitomizes American suburban bourgeois lifestyle. While feminists may take heed of this divorcee marketing herself into a multi-millionaire, they see the happy homemaker personified in her shows. Other than the he-man penchant for bashing anything girly-girl, you're not going to get too much criticism from the right at Martha. They don't bring out the rack and the screws for every liberal donor. If they did, Ted Turner, Barbara Streisand, Martin Sheen and dozens of others would be ahead of you in line down the stairs to the dungeon.

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