Wednesday, August 07, 2002

The Love of Money-Introduction -Joshua Sargent meditated on this Thomas Merton quote
Money has demonically usurped the role in the modern society which the Holy Spirit is to have the Church. Ummpff! That's one of those quotes that hits you in the gut and almost knocks the air out of you! Think about that, money has the control over most people, the way the Holy Spirit should have over us in the church. That's what they live for, that's what they think about, that's what they dream about.Most people no longer live life, but live to make a living. They're no longer living life to the fullest, but are trying just to make a living.
Unfortunatly, I don't think that's a modern development. People have been stuggling to get by since Adam and Eve got kicked out of Eden. What has changed is that modern economy has added to the things that people can buy. In a pre-industrial economy, there weren't as many things that could be bought and thus there were fewer things to covet. Also, in a pre-industrial economy, jobs were more-or-less handed down from generation to generation; the farmer's son would be a farmer, the blacksmith's son would be a blacksmith. There was more poverty, but less distress about it, since there was little that could be done. I'm headed off to bed, but I think I have a few essays coming on what the modern economy has done to our walk with God in the days to come.

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