Thursday, August 08, 2002

Link Love-Kevin had a graph of an Instapundit-led spike in his readership. I know the feeling. A secondary reference to a post on teen sex gave me the biggest Sunday ever, having 156 unique hits on a holiday weekend when I'm lucky to crack 80 hits on a Sunday. I'd love to see what a weekday hit from Reynolds would look like. I've gotten secondary storm surge in the past. One of my better days was when Instapundit linked to Martin Roth when he was getting going, and Martin linked to me. I've gotten secondary hits from Amy Welborn and Eve Tushnet when they had Corner links and also links to me at the time. Today surge comes from nice props; Blogs4God is the NRO Cool site of the day. I'm getting some flow from that, with a link from Punditmeister Josh Claybourn . Fun.

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