Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Iraq in a Nutshell-Kevin Holtsberry's got a good two parter on the pros and cons of going after Saddam, (he must of had it typed in advance, so he's got Part I a minute behind Part II, so it flows like a good NRO article. Thanks for saving me the trouble of writing my own piece, sir. It's much more reasoned than the first rant from the Counterspin Cebtral guy who's on your case. He now has a second, more reasonable, post that offers to call off the dogs if Saddam behaves and holds elections. Nice try. I don't think his nationalist pose would allow him to accept. If he was desperate enough to accept the Counterspin Treaty, he'd likely be doing so to buy time and then renig on the requirements. Why would he be more trustworthy now than a dozen years ago?

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