Thursday, August 08, 2002

Go on the Offense, Guys-Good essay over at The Note today on Bush's economic agenda, pointing out that trail-lawyer bashing is a winning issue.
The choice the GOP faces is this — should they try to convert the national press to be more sympathetic, or should they just try to go around the press, directly to the people? We don't monitor every contact the administration has with every reporter (We aren't John Aschroft, we joke, in an aside meant to parrot the leftist media's hostility to Republicans, but not reflective of our true, dispassionate views of either the AG or the two Davids.), but we rarely hear Bush officials trying to make the case for the Bush-Cheney economic agenda in a shake-the-reporters-by-the-lapels, paradigm-shifting manner. Thus, they remain at a permanent disadvantage against the Podesta-Daschardt-Rubin economic program, which dominates the filter of the major media.
Ben, if this piece isn't on the president's desk (or at least your boss' desk), get it there.

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