Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Friend or Enima?-An external Pentigon report that been outed states that the Saudi entity is a US enemy. Rush was giving the report verbal high-fives this afternoon, and Rantburg's on his best yellow-journalism form on the topic.
The briefing did not represent the views of the board or official government policy, and in fact runs counter to the present stance of the U.S. government that Saudi Arabia is a major ally in the region. Yet it also represents a point of view that has growing currency within the Bush administration — especially on the staff of Vice President Cheney and in the Pentagon's civilian leadership — and among neoconservative writers and thinkers closely allied with administration policymakers. And most people reading blogs...
Yes, that line of thought has been around for a while. A quick search of the site had Rich Lowery plugging for the Jordanians to take over back in mid-January. Bryan Preston disagreed with Lowery; he wanted the Turks to take over.

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