Thursday, August 29, 2002

A Federal Issue-I recall this old joke from the Cold War era.
There was a UN conference on elephants. Each country was supposed to submit a report on elephants. The US entered a paper on how to raise bigger, faster elephants. The Japanese paper was how to make a lower-metabolism version of the American elephant. The East Germans sent two papers, one on elephants and the other on how DDR elephants got along so well with Soviet elephants. The Canadian entry: “Elephants: A Federal or a Provincial Issue?"
The jury got settled on global warming; Chretien decided that it's a federal issue. When a majority of provincial premiers came out against Kyoto, it looked like Canada would join the US in opposing the treaty, and there were promises of federal consultation with the premiers on the issue. However, Chretien appears to have decided to push forward with Canadian entry into Kyoto. It the Canadian right can get its act together, it might have an issue to run against Chretien. It might also give the neolib wing of the Liberals a wedge to give Chretien an early exit next February. This might get interesting.

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