Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Evening Musings-Just set up a In Hibernation section for inactive blogs, from illness in Jeffrey Collins' case, some from overwork, such as Kevin James and some from unknown reasons, such as Louder Fenn or Dispatches. Interesting discussion on tithing over at Rachel Cunliffe's digs- just another evangelical Kiwi lady blogger -any other resident New Zealand bloggers in our circle? Be sure to dive into the comments. I'm getting to set up class web pages for my Personal Finance and Macroeconomics classes, giving them some good web links to various sites as additional reading or research. I have a meeting with the WSC webmaster tomorrow morning. Those of you who wanted to see the Byron Curve may get your wish. I don't know the last time I saw a dissident group take over their country's embassy like this Iraqi bunch in Berlin. I'm remembering an Iranian group doing so in London circa 1980. Good memory-1980 on the nose.

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