Thursday, August 22, 2002

Evening Musings-For the Uli Heitz Fan Club member who was Googling in this afternoon-he went +4 today in Jacksonville-the cut would be at +1. We're having some fun on the airwaves down here with the firing of Sami Al-Arian, a U. of South Florida prof who was axed over ties to Palestinian terrorist groups. He's suing to get his job back. USF runs the local NPR station, so they have to do a fun two-step covering this one. He was the topic of discussion over lunch amongst some of the WSC faculty- the consensus was that academic freedom isn't absolute, just like free speech doesn't let you yell fire in a theater. Hanging out with and fund-raising for terrorists goes over the line. Less Trees-More Bush. That's the inverse of a protestors sign, but the right attitude. Many forest have too much deadwood and are a massive fire waiting to happen-some selective trimming will help a lot of forests. Of course, the enviros will have none of it. Dubya's backing such a trimming plan-more power to ya, sir. Au Revoir, Jean-Prime Minister Chretien has declared himself a lame duck and won't seek another term as PM, and will step down in February 2004, a year prior to required elections. This will likely put off a leadership challenge from former Finance Minister Paul Martin; a party convention next February could remove him even earlier, but now that seems unlikely. Now the ambitious Liberals can marshal their forces for the likely leadership convention in late 2003 which will choose his successor. Don't send Ben Wallace to the State Department. The World Championships are up next week, and the US and China are playing an exhibition tonight. I don't think you can use the soccer euphemism of a "friendly" after Wallace's comments about soon-to-be-Rocket Yao Ming-"We're going to beat him up. We're going to beat him up pretty bad. Welcome to the league, welcome to our country. This is our playground. This is how we play."

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