Saturday, August 24, 2002

Evening Musings-For openers, you can't expect players with pro talent to stay all four years. Go get 'em, Ben. I'd like to be a little bug on the wall of this tete-a-tete between Bandar and Dubya. I saw some blogger note that you take friends to the ranch, and the Saudi entity ain't a friend. College football's starting, so I have to work on squeezing some football. Eileen's got some grading going while I have FSU-ISU and Bucs-Weasels going on the tube. We just got back from a tourist/exploration trip over towards Tampa, seeing the airport (Sister-in-law coming this way next week), Ray-J , Tropicana, USF then checking out the Gulf Coast over by Clearwater. For a Michigan kid, it's amazing how well developed the coast is. Would Lake Huron be that developed if it were warm and usable year-round? Ohio State took care of business in their opener, looking like a possible Big 11 10 champ. I hope OSU does well when they don't play UofM and MSU, for sophomore coach Jim Tressel is a class act. While I was at KSU, he was turning Youngstown State just up the road into the most feared Penguins1 since Opus, being a near-fixture in the I-AA title game in the early 90s. He did it with Paterno-level integrity to boot. While I was typing, the Noles looked good on their first drive, driving for a TD with confidence, then took a pick back for another six. They might have a New Years Eve curfew. Hoyt Wilhelm died this weekend; he brought the knuckleball to my generation, being the George Blanda of baseball, pitching more games than anyone (1070) at that time while playing into his late 40s. 1My sister has a penguin thing going, so when I got down to KSU, I made a road-trip to YSU, figuring they'd have to stock a stuffed-animal penguin mascot at their bookstore. They did, giving her a conversation piece in her collection.

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