Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Dinnertime Musings-The Chicken Cordon Bleu's in the oven, but I've got a couple interesting things up. I have a bare-bones site for my WSC classes up, and will be fleshing it out in the next few days. Brown Pau's got a nice piece on the 19th anniversary of Benigno Aquino's assasination. The former senator had been in exile in the US and was assassinated, most likely by Marcos goons (official some wacko, who was conveniently killed by police). That set in place the People Power Revolution of 1986, where Marcos tried to steal the election from widow Cory, only to be forced into Hawaiian exile by pro-Cory mobs. Paulo mourns their wild-child daughter Kris' lack of respect. My favorite Cory campaign speech was responding to a Marcos rant about her lack of experience. Yes, she had no experience in corruption, no experience in bribery and no experience in murder.

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