Monday, August 19, 2002

Cue Billy Preston, We've Got a Space Race-How much of this is red propaganda is a good question, but the Chinese are talking about landing on Mars in 2010. I haven't seen any of the space-experts such as Rand Simberg put in their $0.02 on this one, but I think that it might be achievable. However, they'll have to bring a lot of their tech student diaspora back home to pull it off. Should we be getting our dukes up and try to get our own Mars program up to make sure it really doesn't become the Red Planet? No, for we might be better off if we take our time and do it right. The Chinese might be doing the quick-'n-dirty method which treats its astronauts as expendable parts. If we have to have a 50-50 chance of losing the crew in order to get there by 2010, I don't think NASA would be game. We were second into space, but still became the #1 space country in the long haul. It might not even be NASA that gets us there. It might be a private venture, with corporate backing and/or energetic volunteers such as the Mars Society that might do the deed. I don't think a 2010 window is doable, but 2015 or 2020 could see a viable non-governmental venture go to Mars.

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