Tuesday, August 06, 2002

CCM to the Top 40?- Mere Madness had an interesting post of Christian contemorary music and its being a non-factor in the secular top-40.
I refuse to believe that we can't lobby for Christian artists to find their way back to mainstream radio, especially if radio programmers see that the buzz is developing and growing. Call your local radio station, and demand that Avalon, Toby Mac, Jump 5 or Nicole C. Mullen be given airtime. I mean, c'mon, Creed and P.O.D. just don't cut it, man.
Unfortunatly, secular stations are unlikely to play music with evangelical content, either because the programmers don't like it or they think the secular audience will head for the hills. Musically (to use two of Ganns' faves), Avalon and Nicole C. Mullen wipe the floor with most of the modern Top 40 artists, but are too evangelical to get secular airtime. I had a post-Dove post in May on this topic, way back when Martin Roth was the cheeky new kid on the block. The old cliche in CCM is you can't bring the Cross over when you cross-over. You have to limit your theology to a generic theism to have a secular audience swallow your message. Michael W. Smith comes the closest to sucessfully playing both sides of the fence, but you're not going to find anything off of Worship getting Top-40 airplay. Unless you have a large evangelical Christian community in your area and a gutsy programmer, the local pop station won't touch most CCM with a ten-foot-Hungarian.

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