Monday, August 19, 2002

Bull Moose or Bull----? -Interesting piece in the NY Sun (via the Corner) on McCain advisor Marshall Wittmann leaving the GOP. The Bull Moose might be living up to his name and looking to have McCain do what Teddy Roosevelt did in 1912- leave the GOP and form a third party, the Progressive or "Bull Moose" Party. The reformist TR didn't like how his more conservative GOP successor William Taft was running things and proceeded to cost the GOP the election, coming in second ahead of Taft but allowing Democrat Woodrow Wilson to get in with a plurality. Wittmann may want to model his movement on the muscular reformer of a century ago, but he may only succeed in electing President Gephardt. While we're on the subject of third parties, this Fox piece gives the Libertarian and Reform parties a once over, but ignores the party that has a shot of winning two statewide elections in a row, the Independence Party of Minnesota.

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