Sunday, August 18, 2002

Blog-Navel Gazing-Every so often, we get into a "Why I'm Blogging" run of post-we've got one now, as Kevin Holtsberry and Ilinigirl have introspective pieces and Josh Claybourn gives the genre a good thinkover. I'm in a transitional phase, as I'm blogging more during the week (with a flextime job) and less during the weekend (with a wife to be with) than I did two months ago. It remains an intellectual outlet and a spiritual one. I'm still writing about what interests me, but the increase in evangelical blogs has given me feedback on the spiritual front that I didn't have before. I'm flattered at the attention I do get from my daily musings, as I've been sitting in the mid-300s of the most-linked-to bloggers in this BlogStreet site. As we go to press, I'm sitting in a tie for 333rd with 61 links. In the seven months that I've been running my blog, I've touched that many lives. The amazing thing is that this BlogStreet site has about 10,000 sites in its database and I'm in the top 4% of that total- I must be doing something right. Looking at who's ahead of me, the only evangelical-run sites are MCJ and Junkyard Blog. Maybe Mr. Claybourn was right in pegging me as a standard-bearer; you don't see this much evangelical theology being talked about higher up on that list. I might be one of the bigger bridges between the theology-centric section and the political-current events section of the Blogosphere. There are times when I discount the fact that around 100 to 150 people show up at my site each weekday. However, that's still quite a few people. About 20-30 hits a day come from Google searches, often on topics that I'm really not covering. Might I be touching the life indirectly of someone looking for [Amish furnature in Ohio] (remind me to spell check more often) or [Detroit Red Wings Playoff videos]? The more I write, the more oddball Google hits I get.

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