Saturday, August 24, 2002

Bingo Rodriguez's Traveling All-Stars-Colby Cosh morphed my idea of a Players League into a pair of barnstorming all-star teams (August 23 AM-no post links). I think you'd need a league to give some variety of competition, but one aspect of our new league would be that you could take teams on the road, not being fixed to one site. You could pull a Packer thing and split regular season games between two sites. In basketball, Boston used to play a few home games in Hartford and Utah would show the flag in Las Vegas. I'm new to Ambassador Cosh's site-he's Canadian and has a fun look at Chretien, coming up with 10 8 things to like about him (Aug 22 AM). "8. Chretien was, at least, an authentic autocrat." With lines like that, I'll come back for more.

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