Tuesday, August 27, 2002

American 100 2.0-The votes are in, and here's who you have voted off the island. Go see Coach Byron, bring your playbook.
Version 1.0 Rejects Bill Clinton Billie Jean King Carl Sagan Chuck Colson DL Moody Jim Henson Michael Jackson Ty Cobb Wereher Von Braun Bruce Springsteen Jerry Falwell Neil Simon Diana Ross O.J. Simpson
Ross and Simpson were removed with extreme prejudice. I was striving for something Motown when Ross came up-I did site it as one of the weakest links. Between his football prowess and the murder, OJ seemed an interesting choice, but the glove fits today.
Concensus Additions (2 or more votes) Aimee Semple MacPherson Bob Dylan Duke Ellington Fulton J Sheen George Whitefield Harriet Beecher Stowe Jonas Salk Malcolm X Oliver Wendell Holmes Tentative Additions (best of the one-votes) David Sarnoff Earl Warren John Quincy Adams Lewis and Clark Thurgood Marshall
Yeah, Lewis and Clark are two people. Ya wanna make something of it? So, here we go for a second pass.
The American 100 2.0 New Members in Italics
Aaron Copeland Franklin Roosevelt John D. Rockefeller Ralph Waldo Emerson
Abraham Lincoln Fredrick Douglass John Kennedy Ray Kroc
Aimee Semple MacPherson Fulton J Sheen John Kenneth Galbraith Richard Nixon
Al Capone Gene Roddenbury John Marshall Richard Rodgers
Alexander Graham Bell George Custer John Quincy Adams Robert E. Lee
Alexander Hamilton George Gershwin John Updike Ronald Reagan
Andrew Carnegie George Lucas John Wayne Samuel Clements
Andrew Jackson George Patton Jonas Salk Sitting Bull
Arthur Miller George Washington Jonathan Edwards Steve Jobs
Babe Ruth George Whitefield Joseph Smith Steven Speilberg
Ben Franklin Hank Aaron Laura Ingles Wilder Stonewall Jackson
Bill Cosby Harriet Beecher Stowe Lewis and Clark Susan B. Anthony
Bill Gates Harriet Tubman Louis Armstrong Teddy Roosevelt
Billy Graham Harry Truman Lyndon Johnson Thomas Edison
Bob Dylan Henry Ford Malcolm X Thomas Jefferson
Crazy Horse Henry Thoreau Margaret Sanger Thurgood Marshall
David Sarnoff Irving Berlin Martin Luther King Tiger Woods
Douglas McArthur Isaac Asimov Michael Jordan Tom Clancy
Duke Ellington J. Edger Hoover Mickey Mantle Ulysses S. Grant
Dwight Eisenhour Jackie Robinson Milton Berle Vince Lombardi
Earl Warren James Madison Muhhamad Ali W.E.B DuBois
Edgar Allen Poe Jesse Owens Nathaniel Hawthorne Walt Disney
Elvis Presley Jim Thorpe Neil Armstrong William Buckley
Ernest Hemmingway Joe Louis Norman Vincent Peale William R. Hearst
Flannery O'Connor Johhny Cash Oliver Wendell Holmes Woodrow Wilson
OK, Boys and Girls, time for some more editing. [Update 9:30PM-We've got a motion from the floor for the Wright Brothers, if we take them as a package deal a la Lewis and Clark. Who do we pink slip? We also have a debate over Sarnoff (who shepherded early TV) versus Farnsworth (who invented it). What sayeth thou?] {Update 8/29 6AM-Version 3.0 is up]

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