Friday, August 09, 2002

Afternoon Musings-Things are starting to take shape here at Warner Southern. Just got back from new faculty orientation and was gifted with a new computer. 18 Gig hard drive, 128MB ram (and Win98, so that's got room to spare) and a new, unstickly keyboard. I had to have the IS people bop me the documents on the old hard drive (they forgot to check), and have the fun of repopulating my favorites list for IE. Also, they put up the permanent plaques since I was last in my office earlier in the week, the brown ones with the recessed white print. There's a "Dr. Mark Byron" sign there as I come in my office door. All through my school days, I occasionally would walk past professor's offices thinking what it would be like to have my own office, with my name on the outside wall. I'm there. One of the other people in the orientation group snuck a peek at my blog during our library online database training session and complemented me on my online testimony on the way to lunch. That’s a weird feeling. Some of my friends and family are regular readers, but I'm not use to colleagues reading it.

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