Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Afternoon Musings-There's a suprising amount of heat surrounding Jerry Regier, the new choice to head the Florida Department of Children & Families. Turns out he was helping head up a conservative Christian group called the Coalition on Revival; a 1989 document from the organization was severly pro-spanking to the point of saying that welts and bruises were OK and opposed careers for women. Regier says that he didn't sign off on that document and doesn't agree with those parts of the paper. He'll get through, but not before liberals get their fundi-bashing in. Looks like they'll be more room for football and basketball highlights, for baseball seems to be in the middle of a nasty game of chicken. This piece from union boss Donald Fehr makes it look like the player's aren't going to swerve. The only thing baseball has to fear is Fehr himself. I had to go edit a couple of posts after seeing this WaTi piece on the Wesleys. There was a legend of long standing that they had used bar tunes on many of their hymns. Luther did was alleged to, but not the Wesleys. [update 5:30-Luther's off the hook as well as per the comments]

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