Friday, August 23, 2002

Afternoon Musings-I've started to get some traffic from The Talking Dog via a bottom permalink. He's got an eclectic list of links that includes The Raving Atheist. Señor Perro must be here for the politics. Bad talking dog joke; dog's part of a vaudeville act
"What's over our head?" "Roof!" "What's sandpaper feel like?" "Rough!" "Who's the greatest baseball player of all time?" "Ruth!" At this point, the audiences starts thowing things at the stage, forcing the dog and his partner off the stage. The dog looks at his partner and says, "Ya think I should say DiMaggio?"
News Section-I don't like the smell of this. Delta is looking to join the Northwest-Continental alliance. The new cooperating trio is designed to counter an United-US Air coalition. OK, boys and girls, can you say "oligopoly?" This would put too much power into a pair of hands. The Delta-Northwest combo would own Atlanta and Detroit. Thank the Lord for Southwest, Air Tran and other upstarts keeping the big boys honest. Colorado State beat Virginia yesterday. This is the second time CSU's knocked off a big-conference opponent in one of these pre-season classics. In 1998, they beat Michigan State, effectively costing MSU a bowl bid. MSU went on to finish 6-6, which would have been 6-5 without the extra game. In the past, teams needed a winning record to be in a bowl game, but this year, a 6-6 record will qualify for a bowl bid. The new rule should encourage second-tier clubs who might be looking at a 6-6 record to like those pre-season games. Yao Ming did fairly well, getting 13 points, 11 boards and 6 blocks, as the US beat up on China, 85-54, in a game that was friendlier then Ben Wallace's trash talk of yesterday would have indicated. The UN wants a new building? Let's twist the old bumper-sticker: UN out of the US. Why not move to Geneva? The land's less expensive and we'd have less of a problem with "diplomats" from other countries abusing their privileges and getting a free media field day in New York. "Ginsu 2002-It slices, it dices, it clips your short and curlies in the comfort of your own home."

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