Thursday, August 22, 2002

Afternoon musings-Full day of business today, as we had our first chapel of the year. The music was good modern praise; the kids seemed lost on We Want to See Jesus Lifted High, but they were with the program for Lord, I Lift Your Name on High and I Could Sing of Your Love Forever and on a slow-tempo song I hadn't heard before as the closer. Campus pastor Mike Sanders is a good speaker, even if he likes Tony ("I'm preaching so good, I'm taking notes on myself") Campolo; it's the second time he's mentioned him this month. He had a good and brief message on Romans 12:5, the WSC theme of the year is "Celebrate Community." I was of two minds on his exegesis on Romans 12 and of the theme. While we are all individuals and have different gifts to offer, I struggled to get past the PC definition of diversity that's stuck in my craw to get to a Biblical understanding of a diverse community, each with our own contribution to the Kingdom. As much as we have things in common and as much as people try to pigeonhole us, we're still unique, yet we are part of a broader community. One of Sanders' phrases was that we shouldn't just tolerate our community but celebrate it, to take joy in each other's differences. Vie La Difference! I've got a session under my belt of both of the undergraduate classes I'm teaching this semester. I taught my MWF Personal Finance class yesterday and my TTh Macroeconomics class today. The Macro class seemed livelier, but not by much- there's not much you can do to make going over the syllabus lively. I gave a spiel in yesterday's class on class participation-"You don't want to hear me lecture for 50 minutes?" One guy in the back corner was shaking his head way too vigorously, giving me a good laugh. My Understanding the Bible class started today as well-it's the introductory Bible study class that is the prereq to all the upper-division Bible classes. When I was in grad school, I dreamed of teaching at a Christian college and picking up theology classes on the side; I'm living the dream, folks. Dr. Varner seems to be that classic tough-but-very-good prof. Quizzes are a possibility every period-his method is to have a no-quiz marble, a 5-question marble and a 10-question marble; a student then blindly picks one of them. A formal exegetical paper on Galatians is the big project-you're going to get some of that in the weeks to come, folks. I've got an assignment for Tuesday, a 1-2 pager on "In my opinion the Bible is ...." I might post it once I'm done with it, and if one of my classmates wants to copy, they're toast. Dr. Varner's the house expert on plagiarism, running the plagiarism workshop for our faculty meetings last week. He makes the students hand in papers via Word files, so he can search for copying with great ease.

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