Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Today on Collins and Byron-Dating a Non-Believer-Jeffrey Collins (who currently has a Googlewhack on "Temporal Engineering" Calvinism) had a small nit to pick on my courtship post
Mark might want to revise point number 1. Dating can be a powerful tool to bring people to Christ. My mom did it for my dad. Now she didn't tell him at the time, but she wouldn't have married him if he hadn't converted. Maybe, "Don't pursue a relationship with someone who doesn't share your faith once you reach the point that you know they won't accept it." Or something to that affect.
I'm going to beg to differ with him. While some people will save the unsaved person they are dating, they are flirting with fire. An unsaved beau is more likely to lure the believer into pre-marital sex and other bad behaviors. If the believer becomes attached to their beau, they may wind up marrying the non-believer, ignoring the proscription against being yoked together with unbelievers. That marriage might save the unbelieving spouse, but is it more likely to stifle the spiritual life of the believer. I think your mom was the exception to the rule, Jeff. I think that dating a non-believer is more likely to harm the believer than it is to help the unsaved party. By the time you know the person won't accept Jesus, you may be too attached to the person to break away and may be dragged down into more sin in the process.

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