Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Tedsicle Theology-I'm a bit late to the Ted Williams cryonics story, but I'm surprised to be agreeing with Rand Sindburg on a theology point.
Since there's no scientific way to determine its validity, cryonicists assume that there is no such thing called a soul, or alternatively, that it will take care of itself or that God will take care of it as needed, but it's not necessary to be concerned with it in order to suspend and reanimate a person.
I don't have a good theology of the transition to the afterlife, but my thought on the location of the soul is that it would be taken to heaven (or that other place that Ted looks to be a candidate for) upon death. Three points to ponder.
(1) A sovereign, omniscient God wouldn't yank Ted's soul prematurely. You're unlikely to get a real-world reenactment of Heaven Can Wait by a soul being yanked back to mortal existance; "Ooops, got to send that one back, he wasn't quite dead yet." (2) Is there a intermediary purgatory or shoel? I don't think so, as Heaven and God are Trans-time. People would arrive in the afterlife at the same "time," thus no need for some sort of waiting room. (3) Is there any fear of the soul going bye-bye, leaving a soulless corpse to reanimate in the future? Not as I would interpret scripture.
If for some reason they do manage to unthaw the Tedsicle, the soul will be in the house as well.

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