Friday, July 05, 2002

Pork Barrel or Helping Dad?-My dad turned 65 today; I have to remember to wrap the presents I got him Wednesday before heading off to the rehearsal dinner. Turning 65 makes him eligible for Medicare. Should that make me a big fan of the AARP so I can make Medicare lest costly for him (and my mom in 25 months) at the expense of the rest of the non-elderly population? Good question. I'd want to say no. Do I honor my parents by advocating making their medical care bills a bit lighter or do I better honor them by taking a skeptical look at big-government programs and help the country as a whole by setting up a better economy? That's the dilemma a lot of swing voters my age have to face. Democrats love to put adult children into a guilt trip by focusing on the cost of health care for their parents. If we have as a goal making the country a better place, it is hypocritical of us to tailor our political stance to help us or our loved ones at the expense of the commonweal. I can't get on Robert Byrd for his Porkasaurus Rex routine while I'm looking to bring home the bacon to my corner of the world. I've been light on the economics posting for the last few weeks, but this might jar the muse into action.

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