Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Plate Tectonics in the Anglican Community-In a badly-kept secret, Tony Blair went and named Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury. Williams is a theological and political liberal, in favor (among other things) of ordained homosexuals. Don't be surprised if the Anglican community (Episcopal Church in the US) proceeds to split down the middle along theological lines. Evangelical Episcopalians such as Christopher Johnson and Robert Bauer have openly wondered whether to stay with their church, with Johnson hanging with his local church and our Hokie Pundit trying out some more evangelical churches at school. Here's a bit of Bauer's less-edifying experiences with Anglicanism in England this summer. A few maverick conservatives have jumped ship from their liberal leadership, taking their leadership from more evangelical Anglican churches in Singapore and Rwanda. We might see more of this, and possibly a new fellowship of conservative Anglican churches not that far down the line. There may be some serious blood on the floor in this area in the years to come. If I'm not mistaken, there hasn't been a major schism in the Anglican movement (a few breakaway movements like Methodism, but not an all-out schism) since the Tudor days. They might be overdue for one.

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