Thursday, July 04, 2002

The Fourth-I'm a bit tied up in wedding stuff to properly appreciate Independence Day, but I sense that there is a more patriotic feel about the day than in years past due to being the first July 4th since 9/11. It would be an advantageous day for our foes to strike; a dirty bomb at the Boston Pops concert would be a good counterpunch by the bad guys. However, I don't think that's going to happen; heat stroke is likely to claim more lives in America today than terrorists. I don't have a good and poignant essay on what America means to me. However, I am well educated, teaching at a nice college where I don't have to pull my punches when talking about spiritual matters and am able to carry intelligent conversations with people around the world via the magic of the blog. Last, but not least, I'm 52 hours away from sharing all this with a smart, sweet, godly and pretty lady. This is a goooood country; in no other country would I be able to do all this quite as easily. Today, we sit back and thank a bunch of rich white males who got together in Philly 226 years ago to codify the process of starting this grand experiment called The United States of America. Despite a bigger government than we might like and something of a rear guard action against increasing immorality, this it still the best place in the world to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. P.S.-Via Jeff Collins' suggestion, I read Lilek's bleat on the 4th-En Fuego!

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