Monday, July 22, 2002

Evening Musings- Whoever prayed for Eileen and my MIS class, thanks. The students were much better behaved on Saturday. After spending a week and a half doing setting-up-a-household and getting used to getting married stuff, Eileen started job hunting for a teaching position this morning. God blessed her efforts, getting one interview over in Lakeland this afternoon (after calling just before noon, quick, no?) and another one in Lake Alfred (just north of Winter Haven) tomorrow morning. Keep praying for her to find the right spot. In answer to the most pressing issue of the day, I second Josh Claybourn's vote for Wendy's. While I try and avoid the gastronomical excesses of triple-decker burgers, Wendys does make the best burgers of the Big Three, as well as the best fries. One of Kevin's readers put in a plug for White Castle, which brought back memories of the guilty pleasures of a bag fulla gut grenades on special in Cuyahoga Falls and a InterVarsity road trip from East Lansing to Ypsilanti in the Mercedes from Hades to the nearest WC to fill the chapter president's urge for some of those sliders. The Dow's under 8000. Stay there until my 403B kicks in.

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