Saturday, July 27, 2002

Evening Musings-We're back from belated honeymoon, spending time in the Panhandle, Pensacola in particular. I'll have some more interesting details later, including a couple of evenings at Brownsville AoG. Bene Diction has started up his new blog here. Godspeed, sir, to the Velvet Divorce of blogdom. Usually, the changes are bloggers who don't have the time to keep up their own blogs and join a group blog. Joshua Claybourn has a series of good pieces on the mini-tempest he got going on his bad-lyrics post, including this piece that acknowledges and largely agrees with his critics, including yours truly. I was being a critic in the best sense of the word, pointing out the good and the bad, and there's a truckload of good on his site which far offsets this one post. I'm planning to include Josh in my Unbanned at WSC list. There are some good sites that will launch the rare f-bomb and live to tell the tale. [Update 8:30PM Food for thought via a nice e-mail and post from Bobby Allison-Gilmore. Was I wrong to rebuke Josh in public, or should I have privately e-mailed him on the subject? I'm not sure. More on that issue later; that will take some skull-sweat.]

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