Friday, July 05, 2002

Evening Musings-Last evening as a single guy; got to say goodbye and goodnight to Eileen for the last time. We managed to save the first real kiss for the wedding, unless you count a Gomez "You spoke French!" imitation up the arm. She's out with her gal-friends while I polished off the last of the programs. We printed them ourselves; running herd over 100 two-sided copies on my dad's color printer was a bit of a pain but cheaper and less worrysome than farming them out. Two more hurdles to clear before Eileen and I get to head off to an undisclosed secure location in the Tri-Cities: the marriage ceremony and the reception. We made it through the rehearsal in one piece; despite a late-arriving brother-in-law/sound guy and a nervous pianist, things went well. The flowers got rave reviews; my mom's a florist (if you're sending flowers to Midland in the future, call for Lil' Pear Tree flower shop where she works), so she got the flowers wholesale and did it right herself; that's one way of cutting wedding costs.

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