Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Evening Musings-Just got back in from a day spent with Eileen, her mom, dad, sister and two college buddies of hers. We got the lion's share of her apartment loaded onto her dad's pickup, leaving pretty much only the stuff she'll need to live with for the next three nights. The Houston contingent brought their weather with them, 95 and muggy, making Central Florida seem arctic. 63 hours to go. I haven't looked at it yet, but my hit meter's getting a load of traffic from Mark Shea-he must have responded to my Trinity post of last night. I'll try to get to first thing tomorrow-from the looks of the traffic, I must of gotten a good Fisking. The Detroit newscast I saw before leaving my future in-laws hotel room had a pair of newlyweds suing the priest for giving a snide, sarcastic ceremony due to a smaller-than-desired donation. At least that's the couple's story, the priest is saying "Who? Me?". Remind my to write the check to the church mission fund after the ceremony.

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