Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Cujo to Hockeytown-The sports news of the day (at least to me) is the signing of top goalie Curtis Joseph by the Red Wings, just after losing Dominik Hasek to retirement. I'm reminded of the old quip for college football factories; they don't rebuild, they reload. I'll ask all three of my hockey-fan readers this question-Are the Red Wings on the verge of becoming the New York Yankees of the NHL? {7/4 Spudlets agrees] Mike Illich seems to be playing the role of Boy George, whipping out his Pizza Pizza checkbook to get the top free agents, creating a team that is hard to beat and possibly easy to dislike. The mitigating factor for that love-to-hate realm is that the stars that have made their way to Motown aren't prima donnas, with Steve Yzerman leading the way in the Detroit tradition (Howe, Kaline, Trammell, Sanders, Dumars) of the Gary Cooper lead-by-doing school.

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