Monday, July 01, 2002

Citizen Watts-J.C. Watts is leaving the House at the end of this term, deciding not to seek a fifth term. He might be able to do more good as a private citizen than as a congressman. As a spokesman for any number of conservative causes, he could do more than just be "the only black Republican in Congress." I didn't see him advancing through the congressional hierarchy, so it seems to be the right time for him to go into private life. He won't go wanting, for any number of Christian organization would love to have him on their board, as would any number of politically conservative organizations. He could make a good living by simply hitting the rubber chicken circuit, but he'll to do more than that. The interesting thing will be whether his post-congressional career moves in a spiritual direction (he's an ordained Baptist minister) , a political direction or a combination of the above. He'd be on my short list for VP if I were advising Dubya on a replacement for Cheney if the decision is make to change the #2 slot in '04. If he finds the right job with a good chunk of public exposure, he might even be a viable presidential candidate in 2008. Keep a tab on this guy.

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