Wednesday, July 03, 2002

CATS and DOGS Living Together-Nothing like a good government shutdown to liven up the summer; Tennessee is working without a budget since Monday's beginning of FY03. Non-essential personnel are off work for now, which always begs the question, "If they're non-essential, why are we paying them?" The powers that be in Tennessee, including GOP Gov. Sundquist, have been itching to install a state income tax for years and a big budget deficit is their trump card. They're asking for a "small" 1% tax rate, but conservatives don't want that nose under the side of the tent, and are plugging for budget cuts to balance things. Once a tax gets established, it's easy to bump it up a quarter-percent here and a half-percent there until you're at the 4% we have here in Michigan. The pro-income-tax forces have their budget plan, Continuing Adequate Taxes and Services, while the conservative forces have their plan, Downsizing Ongoing Government Services. Like most good conservatives, I like DOGS better than CATS.

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