Monday, July 01, 2002

Blog Monsoon-I'll have a lot of time to write the next few days due to the fact that Eileen will be busy with girlfriends and family for the next two days. She's got one seminary buddy due to drive in this evening. She and her mom (who's been here two weeks already) picking up her sister from the Detroit airport early tomorrow morning and is picking up another college buddy at Tri-City Airport tomorrow afternoon just in time for the PJ party her sister's throwing for her and her gal-friends and gal-kin tomorow night. Me, all my close friends from the past are in town or dead, so there isn't this flood of people here to see me. Thus I get to prep for my class that starts in two weeks and/or blog. Mostly or. I do have a second bout of packing, going through my closet a second time for stuff that needs to head south, but that's far from a two day job.

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