Monday, June 24, 2002

The Scourge of the Polk County School Board-Part II- Political entities will be looking to enlarge their territory like Jabez, and my new local school board is now exception. They're trying to make the county school superintendent an appointed position, putting the proposal on the September 10 primary ballot. The school board doesn't want to deal with an independent superintendent, because he can block their ideas.
"The key is we need to have the best-qualified person, who has the training, experience and track record to give us the leadership we need to take us to the next level," Nelson, the board chairman, said Saturday. "When you can't hold a superintendent accountable, it becomes a problem."
A problem to whom? The board, maybe? An appointed superintendent would be more of a yes-man for the board, since the school board, not the voters, can fire him. Note this telling paragraph at how clueless this school board is:
If the referendum date is approved by the board, it would be the seventh time the ballot initiative would go before voters. The referendum to change the superintendent post has failed six times before. The last time was in 1994.
I had raked the board over the coals (retroactively Scourge #1) a couple of weeks ago for putting off a tax referendum until next spring rather than put the tax proposal on the Sept. 10 primary ballot, when more tax-friendly Democrats will be at the polls. With the teacher's union backing the Republican superintendent (can you say "Primary challenger?"), holding the vote during a hot Democratic gubernatorial race would be a stoopid move. Beam me up, Scotty. No intelligent life-forms here.

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